Veg PEI is looking for individuals passionate about community development, sustainability and education in regards to plant-based living. We’re actively looking to increase the range and diversity of skills, perspectives, and experiences in our organization.


We are currently looking to fill 5 volunteer (non-paid) positions: Events Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Marketing & Communications Manager, Technical Assistant and Grant Writer.




Veg PEI is a non-profit corporation. Our mission is to raise the debate, increase awareness and secure community and political commitment at a provincial and national level, in terms of the impact that food choices have on cruelty to animals, human health and environmental degradation, and increase the public’s appreciation of plant-based living and eating as a solution to these problems.

Successful applicants are expected to:

  • adhere to the core values of Veg PEI: health, compassion, community, agriculture, and sustainability;

  • be familiar with the tasks required for the position;

  • commit to a 1 year term;

  • complete assigned responsibilities in a timely manner.




Membership Coordinator


  • Work with Board to create membership program

  • Establish and maintain member register

  • Process and maintain membership applications

  • Work with Secretary to maintain communications with membership

  • Assist Board with organization of annual general meetings of members

  • Assist Board with organization of any special general meetings of members that may be called

  • Work with Board to develop and promote new opportunities and benefits for members


Events Coordinator


  • Develop and maintain events calendar

  • Serve as contact person between Veg PEI and events organizers

  • Help develop materials suitable for Veg PEI to provide at events

  • Help develop, organize and run events that will promote Veg PEI and its mission.  


Marketing & Communications Manager


  • Help promote Veg PEI, its mission and events in the media.

  • Identify ways to expand and enhance Veg PEI’s outreach presence at community festivals and other events

  • Provide communications between Veg PEI and the media, releases, interview scheduling, etc.


Technical Assistant


  • Assist with website design, updates and publications

  • Work with President to ensure website and social media sites are consistent and up to date

  • Assist with any other technical-related issues within Veg PEI as they arise

  • Experience in entry level graphic design an asset, but not required


Grant Writer


  • Help identify potential funding sources that align with Veg PEI’s mission and programs

  • Write grant applications

  • Work with Board to maintain administration and recording of funded projects




To apply, please fill out the following application form: