What is ‘Veg It Up!’?

Starting as a 3-day food event in 2016, our annual Veg It Up event has garnered a lot of attention and support from many islanders. This year, because of the feedback from event goers, we’ve extended the event to two full weeks. Restaurants who choose to participate in Veg It Up will be creating a new, fully vegan dish to showcase as a special on their menu for the duration of the event.

We have had tremendous feedback from restaurants about the success of this event at their establishment. Many of whom were surprised by the amount of new people that visited their restaurant looking for plant-based options. A handful of restaurants even kept their special on their menu after the event because of such high demand!

Plant-based eating isn’t just a trend. For instance, in the UK alone, the vegan population has increased 600% since 2016. This is a lifestyle and diet change we can’t ignore! Veg It Up is a food event that everyone can participate in – vegetarians, vegans, meat-eaters..no matter what kind of dietary restriction you have, you get to be a part of this event. This kind of inclusivity is very important to us at Veg PEI and to the plant-based movement as a whole.

Check out the participating restaurants and their dishes! 

During and after the event we will have polls open here on our website for people to vote for their favourite dishes, so be sure to check back once you’ve started sampling all of the delicious vegan meals.

Veg It Up 2017