Our Mission

     Veg PEI is a non-profit organization which aims to help islanders explore the possibilities of plant-based living. We value health, compassion, community, agriculture and sustainability. We believe the number of vegetarians/vegans living on and travelling to PEI is vastly growing, therefore creating accessible resources for these individuals is a necessity.

     We plan community events in which all islanders can be a part of, such as; potlucks, guest speaker talks, food events/sampling, etc.  One of our projects is to create an up-to-date directory of restaurants in PEI who offer vegetarian/vegan options through which consumers will have better knowledge of where they are able to eat. We know that Islanders deserve access to food options that are right for them and we plan to be a driving force behind the plant-based movement on the island.

     Other future goals for Veg PEI include expanding our website where people can find comprehensive info on how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle, book, movie and website recommendations as well as recipe ideas. We aspire to provide a mentor service for those seeking assistance in becoming vegetarian/vegan, including cooking demos, shopping assistance and general communication. We are also hoping to provide information for aspiring island entrepreneurs in the vegetarian/vegan industry.

Our Staff

Hilary Wood
President, Co-Founder

A passionate animal advocate since the age of 10, Hilary made the transition from vegetarian to vegan 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Her love for animal advocacy has allowed her to travel to places such as Florida and Thailand to volunteer with animal rehabilitation organizations. Her interest in healthy living took her to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in New Brunswick where she graduated in 2014 with a diploma in Holistic Nutrition. She takes pride in being president of an organization that is a driving force behind making PEI a more accessible place for those wishing to live a plant-based lifestyle, and looks forward to the future of veganism on the island.


Tiffany has been vegetarian for over a decade and adopted a plant based lifestyle in recent years.  She is currently pursuing a career as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and believes strongly in living a plant based, cruelty free and chemical free lifestyle.

Tiffany is passionate about animal rights and lives with her three dogs, her cat Homer and her husband, Tyler.  Tiffany is honored to contribute to VegPEI and believes it will be an integral part of educating Prince Edward Island about the benefits of plant based living.

Elizabeth Schoales

Elizabeth works in the area of animal rights law and policy, conducting research for a number of national and international animal organisations. She’s been vegetarian and ultimately vegan for 30 years. Having moved from veg-friendly Toronto, she’s thrilled to see the significant rise in interest in veganism in PEI over the last couple of years, and the role that VegPEI can play in helping Islanders take the step towards a compassionate, healthy and sustainable vegan way of life.

Richard Raiswell

Richard is an historian based in Charlottetown. Never much of a carnivore, he can’t remember the last time he ate meat. In 2008, he was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at which point various health care professionals strongly urged him to begin eating meat again because “he’d not get enough protein.” He didn’t and still gets all the protein he needs from plant-based sources—and is one of the healthiest diabetics these experts know.