Veg PEI is a non-profit organization which aims to help islanders explore the possibilities of plant-based living. We value health, compassion, community, agriculture and sustainability. We believe the number of vegetarians/vegans living on and travelling to PEI is vastly growing. Therefore creating accessible resources for these individuals is a necessity. We plan community events in which all islanders can be a part of, such as; potlucks, guest speaker talks, food events/sampling, etc.
Highly prioritized on our list is to create an up-to-date directory of restaurants in PEI who offer vegetarian/vegan options through which consumers will have better knowledge of where they are able to eat. We know that Islanders deserve access to food options that are right for them and we plan to be a driving force behind the plant-based movement on the island.

Other future goals for Veg PEI include expanding our website where people can find comprehensive info on how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle, book, movie and website recommendations as well as recipe ideas. We hope to also provide a mentor service for those seeking assistance in becoming vegetarian/vegan, including cooking demos, shopping assistance and general communication. We also hope to provide information to aspiring island entrepreneurs in the vegetarian/vegan industry.